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We offer a diverse array of individual treatments and transformative classes that nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

The Studio

We are located  at 155 Park Avenue, Cranston, Rhode Island 02905, on the second floor.

We are open Monday through Saturday for individual appointments.

We also offer many class and group events on a monthly basis.

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Holistic Counseling and Quantum Reiki

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Healing Treatment Services

Antojai® Quantum Reiki
Experience the pinnacle of reiki with Antojai's Quantum Reiki, a globally unmatched energy healing form aligning up to the 12th chakra. Your accredited Quantum Reiki Healer through the International Antojai®️ Organization, adeptly applies quantum-level energy to address mind/body & spiritual issues such as pain, emotional and mental health issues such as trauma/abuse, anxiety related disorders, depression, PTSD, addictions, fatigue, burnout, and confusion. This transformative practice delves deep in the unconscious and subconscious to shift negative persistent patterns at their core, eliminate energy blockages and unearth latent abilities that might have long been obscured, offering a comprehensive path to healing, growth, and self-discovery.
Triple-R with Antojai® Quantum energy
Triple -R®️ stands for reprocessing, reprogramming and reimprinting with an intuitive combination of restorative Yoga, breath, somatic movement, sound and meditation. When combined with Antojai Quantum energy the highest form of reiki globally, results can promote transformative shifts by releasing negative emotional & physical traumas on a cellular level aligning up to your 12th chakra while eliminating energy blockages and promoting an overall sense of balance, harmony and well-being.
Usui Reiki Sessions
Usui Reiki Sessions - Usui Reiki sessions focus up to the 7th chakra aligning and raising the vibrations within the body. When the flow of life force is out of alignment it can impact functioning in our organs and tissues. Usui works to address and break negative energy impairing our life force thus clearing & aligning and pathways to promote balance & an overall sense of well-being.

Your Treatment Practitioner

Tailored Counseling, Reiki, and Holistic Wellness Coaching.

Karen Peters Bowden

Karen has been a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker since 2002 and a Usui Reiki Practitioner since 2012. Her personal experiences with PTSD, Hormonal Imbalances, Medical Issues, Anxiety, Depression & Addictions  have always contributed to her unique blending of a Mind, Body & Spirit approach combined with traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy services with clients. In 2023 Karen experienced Antojai®️ Quantum Reiki which brought her to a whole new level in her individual healing journey. The experiences completely shifted old traumas behavioural patterns and beliefs  on a level that her own individual past counselling services never had been able to. Karen became a certified Antojai®️ Quantum Reiki healer in 2023 and is so grateful and appreciative to be able to now offer this service to clients. Karen also is the creator of Triple-R a blend of restorative yoga/movement/meditation & sound when combined with Antojai®️ energy is truly transformative.  Karen takes an intuitive & spiritual approach with everyone she treats. Her expertise blending of  modalities with holistic services render her clients positive results and a greater sense of happiness and emotional well being.


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Unwind in a serene space. Our skilled practitioners will guide you through a group or individual session, channeling healing energy through gentle touch or near-body placement.

Whether you're new to Reiki or experienced, all are welcome to experience this rejuvenating practice.